Eliminate biohazardous waste with the power of ozone.

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Why Choose Us?

Preserve the Environment

Using ambient air, a small amount of water and a little electricity, our technology leaves a very small environmental footprint.

Save Money

For just pennies per pound, you can treat your own waste on-site. Turn on or off as needed and we're 100% electric.

Employee Safety

Because we only use natural resources, the OMW product line is the safest and most sustainable waste treatment technology on the market today.

About Us

Clean Waste Systems is the manufacturer for the Ozone Medical Waste (OMW) Processing Systems in the United States and foreign markets.

Our systems use patented ozone technology to provide complete sterilization of biohazardous waste with zero emissions and low energy usage.

Clean Waste Systems provides marketing, sales, installation and service maintenance contracts for products sold in the United States, while providing manufacturing support for our international distributors.

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